Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Welcome to FlixJar. This super wordy document that you’re about to read is known as our Privacy Policy. It tells you all about our policy regarding the information that we collect, use, disclose and transfer, including your personal information, by the FlixJar family of companies ("FlixJar"). That’s right. It is full of legal sounding things that are important and occasionally entertaining personal anecdotes of this copywriter that are not. Unless they get edited out by lawyers or management. Hopefully we get some through the gatekeepers for your enjoyment. Shall we get into it? Let’s play!

We respect your rights to privacy as much as we respect your rights to like Nicolas Cage as an “actor”, under the laws of the country of the FlixJar company controlling your personal information. It’s a free country, that country of yours, so the inappropriate underwear is cool – but free your information will not be, Yoda. That’s right, locked down like a pair of finger cuffs; we will manage your stuff the way we are legally supposed to. We comply with all of the requirements under the relevant data protection and privacy legislation because we have to. If you need tips, tricks, general advice, your horoscope or detail on what we are doing with all your secrets, see the “Contacting Us” section below. But remember, if you wanna come to the party, you gotta play by the rules, homie. So by using, visiting or browsing the FlixJar service, you accept and agree to our information practices described below. Even the bits you don’t like. We went to a party once where a guy turned up with a bowl of dip, a hose and a large fan. It didn’t end well and many didn’t like it. But we laughed. Oh, we laughed.

When we use the term "personal information" in this Privacy Policy, we’re referring to information that can be used to distinctively identify or contact you. Non-personal information is information that cannot be traced back and directly associated to you. We may collect, use, transfer and disclose non-personal information for any purpose, because no one will know it’s you anyway and no one will judge, just like when you are on holiday. Bali, February 2008 – we are looking at you.

2. The Information We Collect

3. How We Use The Information

4. How We Share The Information

5. Cookies and Internet Advertising

6. What are cookies?

7. Your Information And Accessing It

8. Changing This Privacy Policy